Please attention (important!) :

Prohibit to plug or unplug the USB cable in an energized state! Otherwise it'll cause to burn electronic components.
Correct steps:
Step 1, plug the USB cable;

Step 2, open the software (to establish communication connection);
Step 3, turn on the laser power;
Step 4, start working.
Step 5, after working, turn off the laser power first, then quit the software;
If you want to unplug the USB, you must turn off the power and quit the software.

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European buyers please note

11/5/2015 1:47 PM

European buyers please note below informations:

For Italian buyer:
Italian buyer needs to provide VAT/Tax number to us.

For German buyer:
if Shipping address include company name, buyer needs to provide VAT/Tax number to us.

For UK buyer and Norway buyer:
if choose shipping by Fedex,we must to declare full value when shipping.

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Bank Transfer

10/13/2015 12:29 PM

Our company has been registered in Hong Kong. Welcome to use bank transfer as payment method, please remit to our HongKong company's bank account.

Bank Transfer.

1) When you planing an order and checkout, select "Bank Transfer" as payment method.
2) When you transfer money, please remark your order number .
3) After paid, please send a copy of Bank Slip (Receipt) to: [email protected]
4) After we receive the payment, we'll let you know, and ship your order on next working day.
note: It'll takes about 1-5 business days to arrive our Bank account.

Our bank account details:

Recipient Account Number: 801484411838
Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH
Bank Address: Head Office 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong

Why Bank Transfer?
If you pay via bank transfer, You'll get 4% discount, this discount can be seen when you placing an order and choose payment method.


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Due to the National Day holiday, we will stop shipment from September 28th to Oct.6th. From September 28th to Oct.6th, you could still place your order on our website.

Shipment will resume on Oct.7th, 2015.

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About Spindle Motor Speed

9/22/2015 9:04 PM

Please pay attention to the Spindle Working Speed !
Engraving machine spindle motor may be clearly different than Milling machine spindle.

For engraving machine, the higher spindle speed, the greater cutting force. the lower speed, the smaller cutting force, if spindle speed is too low may be caused spindle stalled or VFD burned.

So, depending on the different materials, set spindle speed to 12,000 ~ 24,000 is most appropriate.
1) ABS/PVC/POM/Nylon and other plastic materials use about 16,000rpm.
2) 6061 aluminum and H59 brass use about 16000~20000rpm.
3) Acrylic use about 17,000~22,000rpm.
Different materials should be more testing.

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How to connect X6-2200L limit switch?

see below picture, plug the two wires arbitrarily to A&B pins of switch .

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LCM2019 laser engraving machine comes from “open source laser engraving machine” project. As it uses a comparative small power 500mw laser, its market position is a DIY gadget, It is not applicable to batches of cutting materials or production.
Applicable materials for engraving : wood, some plastics, paper, ox horn, leather, pearl wool and so on.
Applicable materials for cutting : paper, slim wood sheet, sticky note and pearl wool.
Inapplicable materials: metal, stone, ceremics, jewellery and jade,reflecting materials , transparent and semi-transparent materials.

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Engrave small letters on stainless steel with the X4-800L. The minimum letter width 1mm, height 1.5mm.

use omiocnc X4-800L to engrave small letter on stainless steel

use omiocnc X4-800L to engrave small letter on stainless steel

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