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Purchase FAQs

Account and order

Q:Why didn’t I received the activation mail ?

A:Please check your spam box. If not in there, please follow steps:
1) click the “login” link on top of webpage. type your ID and password to login.
2) webpage will warning that “ your account has not been verified and click here to resend activation mail", click it to resend the activation mail.
3) if you still can not receive it , please change another emaill to re-register .
Note: Your email is an important contact channel between you and us, so we must confirm that your email is working, and able to get the email from us.

Q:I forgot my password, how can I do ?

A:Click“login",then click “forget your password”, step by step according to the indication.

Q:I forgot my ID, how can I do ?

A:Tell us your full name and address when you register, we’ll check it .

Q:What is VIP membership?

A:VIP member is a plan for aiming to integrity customers, VIP member will enjoy a series of free and more services. see more detail information.

Q:How do I cancel the order?

A:If your product is still in China, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your order. We can refund all you money .
If your product is on the way to your country, click here to see Return Policy.

Q:Is there any discounts if I buy two units or more machines ?

A:you can apply for wholesale price. click here to see wholesale information.

Q:Address of my order is wrong, how do I to change it?

A:please tell us the correct address within 3 days since your order date .

Q:I want to change my order product , how do I to change it?

A:Sorry, the product of order can not be changed.

Q:I can’t find my country when I place order, how can I do?

A:Our destinations cover 173 countries and regions worldwide. If you still could not find your destination(country) on the destinations list, please contact us.

Delivery and Customs Clearance

Q:Why I can’t see any tracking information on the official website of DHL/FedEx/UPS?

A:Generally,you can find the shipping informations on Next Day on their official website.

Q:If the machine has been damaged or scratched when I receive it , how can I do?

A:When you receive it , the first thing is open the box to check it , if any damaged, you should be to take some pictures to Fedex/DHL/UPS, you can claim to them.
If the damage or scratches affects normal use, we will send new parts to you to replace it.

Q:How long could I get my product(s) after I paid the order?

A:Click here to see Estimated Delivery Time

Q:How could I deal with the customs clearance??

A:The local express services will call you for customs clearance when the product arrived at your local Customs ( sometimes you need to contact your local customs for customs clearance).

Q:How to save money on import taxes (Customs duties)?

A:We can declare a low value for the product on the invoice when shipping , this maybe can help you save money on tax. (note: some Customs officer may demand you to offer payment proof)

Q:Why there is no tracking number for my order?

A:If your order shipped by sea, or by air freight or other logistics company, there is no any tracking number. But please don't worry, you will get your product.

Q:Does the shipping cost included the import taxes ?

A:No, it’s not include. Click here to see the import taxes or Customs duties

Q:Can I use my freight forwarder in China for shipping?

A:Only for the wholesalers or distributors.

Q:Can you use my Fedex/DHL/UPS account for shipping?

A:Sorry, we can't use your Fedex/DHL/UPS account.

Q:Can you provide EMS or other cheaper shipping method?

A:Sorry, EMS has weight limit, we can not shipping machine via EMS.
We provide cheaper shipping method such as by Sea or by Airfreight for wholesaler and distributor.

Q:Can I pick up machine in China?

A:Sorry, you can’t , we don’t ship machine to any city of China.

Q:What is the HS code of your CNC machine?

A:HS-code: 8465990000


Q:Why payment failed via Paypal?

A:Please pay attention to the two following conditions:
1)Please check whether your shipping address of your order is the same with your address in the Paypal. If they are not the same, your payment will fail.
2)buyer's payment amount maybe has been limited by Paypal. such as in Japan, a non-authenticated user can not pay more than $1000 one time.
If you fall into this situation, please contact your local Paypal service to get certify.

Q:Can I use credit cards like Visa/Mastercard to pay my order?

A:Yes. Please follow steps:
1)Please choose “Credit cards or Paypal” in the checkout process (you do not need to login Paypal)
2)after you submit order, webpage will be redirect to Paypal website, choose “ fill in the payment by credit card” on the webpage.
3)And fill up your credit card information, click "Submit", if deduction successful, the page redirect to our website "successful payment" page.

Note: be sure that your card can be used for “shopping online” .

Q:Why I can’t see the Paypal payment option when I checkout?

A:Some countries buyer can not use the Paypal payment method currently, please choose other payment method.

Q:Why your bank account is a personal account rather than the company account?

A:Please see the information of the Bank Transfer.


Q:Could you offer telephone service ?

A:We can only offer Chinese telephone service currently. if you can speak Chinese , you can call us: +86-10-80258782(Chinese), Beijing time 9:00~ 18:00 (Mon ~ Fri)

Q:How do I return my goods?

A:Click here to see Return Policy.

Q:Can I get free parts to replace the damaged parts?

A:Click here to see Warranty Policy.


Q:How can I get the discount code?

A:Two ways to get the discount code.
1) Become our VIP member,Click here to see VIP Member.
2) Follow our Facebook,Twitter. We'll send some discount codes on social media unscheduled.

Q:How do I get your brochure of your products?

A:Click here to download.