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X6-2200EPL CNC Desktop Engraving Machine
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How it works
X6-2200EPL is the most powerful within the current same level desktop-engraver. It is a fighter in desktop-engraver field. Now we recommend to you this fighter and incredible price!
◎ High-performance OMIO-EPL-4F Offline Control System, it can be directly run G-code and not needs to be connected to computer, so it will not be disturbed from computer, thus ensuring the stability of long working hours.
◎ Supports multiple coordinate systems and save breakpoints. if you have to leave when machine is engraving, you just need to pause the engraving, and you can continue to engraving work on next day. when a sudden power failure, the coordinates could be automatically saved , and you can continue to engraving work when the power is restored.
◎ XYZ-axis all equiped Linear Guide Rails, that makes the 2.2kw spindle plays perfect cutting performance. the maximum diameter of cutter is 13mm (required to purchase appropriate collet).
X6-2200EPL standard come with OMIO-EPL-4F control system, It is a professional CNC engraving control system, we developed it for business users. It uses ARM + FPGA architecture design, reliable performance, high precision control, easy to operate.
Uniaxial output pulse up to 500KHz, adjustable pulse width, supports high versatility FANUC compatible G-code instruction set.
X6-2200EPL no longer needs to work with computer, it was greatly enhanced the stability and reliability. Technicians can design and processing G-code in the office, then just send the G-code file to operatives.

OMIO-EPL-4F Control System supports G-commands :
G0, G1, G2, G3, G17, G18, G19, G20, G21, G54, G55, G56, G57, G58, G59, G60, G81, G82, G83, G90, G91, G98 , G99.

Note: This machine does not come with any CAM software, please choose CAM software suitable for your company according to the advice of your engineer.

◆ The frequently used CAM software in engraving machine areas: ArtCAM, AlphaCAM, Aspire, Artcut, Cut2D / 3D, CopperCAM, DeskProto, Type3, UcanCAM, these software can be directly export  G-code file. we recommend using these software, the details please consult the software provider.

◆ Other industrial CAM software (such as Mastercam, PowerMill, HyperMill, Pro/E, UG, Lemoine RTM, etc.) may be required post-processing program, please consult the software provider.

◆ SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW software can not directly generate G-code files , but they can exporte '.stl', '.eps', '.dxf' file, these format files can be imported to ArtCAM, Cut2D/3D, DeskProto, Artcut software, then export G-code files.

Each X6-2200EPL are subject to stringent quality control and testing. Through the professional production technicans, dedicated high strength aluminum alloy, precision machining and assembly as well as high quality accessories to achieved a high cost-effective of X6-2200 CNC engraving machine.
We recommend it to you, X6-2200EPL is the best choose in a similar price range.
Application fields

X6-2200EPL machinable size is 565 * 770mm , mainly used for batch processing operations with plastic, copper, aluminum and other materials.

for bulk purchases customer of X6-2200EPL, if only used for production of a single product, you do not even need a special designer or technical staff, we can assist you to generate processing G-code for your product according to your needs. We can also provide customized special fixture for you according to your product or materials shape, so that can be convenient to quickly clamping materials for batch processing, and improve production efficiency.
X6-2200EPL can let you to cutting and engraving thickness ≤15mm aluminum and brass. It’s also suitable for batch processing of plastic parts, such as PVC, POM, PU, PP, ABS, nylon, PTFE, Glass plate, bakelite, carbon fiber boards. Precision cutting and processing can be achieved, high efficiency, and cutting surface clean.
Equipment Specifications
Max. working stroke: (X)355×(Y)510×(Z)85mm (Tips: if remove the Z-axis dust cover, Z-axis travel will be 140mm.)
Acceptable material thickness: ≤140mm
Frame Material: 6061-T5 extruded aluminum alloy
Rail type: HG20 Linear Guideway
Screw Type: Ball screw, diameter 16mm,screw thread pitch 5mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Spindle Motor: Powerful brushless frequency spindle,2200W
Revolution Speed: 6000~24000rpm/min
Collet type: ER20(standard equipped with 6mm collet, If need other size collet, please see here.)
X/Y/Z Stepper Motor: Stepper Motor 57BYGH76-3.0A
X/Y/Z/A Stepper Drives: High performance Digital Stepper Drives
Feed rate: 100~4000mm/min
Control System: OMIO-EPL-4F CNC system
Acceptable Command code: : G-code (file type: /.nc/.ncc/.tap/.txt)
Power: 100V-120V or 220V-240V
Environment: Temp: 5°~40° C; Humidity: 35 to 80%
Equipment Dimensions and Weight
Equipment dimensions: L880 × W665 × H655mm
Machine weight: 68kg
Package dimension: 2 boxes (box1: 640x450x550mm, box2: 860x630x220mm)
Optional: 4th-axis (A-axis) for 4axis version

· 80mm 3 jaw chuck
· Center height: H=60mm
· Max swing diameter: ≤110mm
· Diameter of through hole: ≤16mm
· Reduction ratio: 1:10
· Deceleration method: Planetary reducer
· Maximum RPM: 100
· Processing materials: wood,plastic,copper and aluminum
· Weight: 7.0kg
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Rotation axis can be used for engraving on cylindrical material, this option includes all of parts in the picture A , and 1* stepper drive board (will be directly installed in the control box).
Optional: Handheld Controller
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