Important Notice 6
Apr 27, 2020


These days some customers are asking when we can ship.
We answer here uniformly:
We are still unable to arrange transportation.

The reason:  
Due to the serious epidemic situation in many countries in the world and the large number of flights being grounded, the capacity of international air freight logistics is very tight.
At present,
DHL (China) has stopped accepting large packages and more than 30kg of goods.
Fedex's shipping cost has increased by one and a half times. For example, if it is sent to the United States, the shipping cost is about $11 USD/ kg.  Now sending a X8-2200L-USB to the United States requires about one thousand dollars. This is far beyond our imagination. Therefore, we still cannot arrange delivery now.

Q & A regarding current transportation issues:

Q:  Have you resumed work?
A:  We have resumed work and resumed production.

Q:  When can you ship?
A:  When part of the international flight is restored, the capacity of international air freight logistics will be eased, and the freight rate will drop a little. Although the freight cost will definitely not return to the price before the epidemic, but if the freight cost is within the range we can afford We will ship.

Q:  Why haven't the shipping cost on your website increased?
A:  In order to maintain our customers' trust in us, although the international shipping rates have risen to a very high level, we still have n’t adjusted our shipping rates on the website. It is still the shipping rate of last year. If you are sure you want to buy and are willing to wait, please place an order on the website now.

Please note: When we start shipping, we will adjust the shipping rate on the website to the actual market rate. For orders placed at that time, the shipping cost will be much higher than the rate on the current website.

Q:  I urgently need to ship now, can you send it?
A:  If you are willing to bear the current expensive freight, please contact us.

Q:  The items I purchased are accessories or small packages, can I send them now?
A:  Sorry, no, our shipping policy is unified. When we officially start shipping, we will arrange all orders uniformly.

Apr 27, 2020
omiocnc team