Gear Specifications: 70mm*70mm*6mm
Tool type: Common Double-edged milling cutter (blade diameter 3mm)
Cutting speed: 1500mm/min
Layered cutting depth: 1.2mm
Cutting time: 00:04:10

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Website Updates Statement

5/24/2015 8:43 PM

Our new version website( online on 17th May, 2015. The new website will bring better user experiences for you, more accessible and convenient. It has some following important updates. 

1, Domain 

Old domain:
New domain: has been redirected to on 17-05-2015

Note: From now on is the our only official website. Customers registered on the former can direcetly login new website and manage order. 


2, Brand Logo

Note: From now on the old logo will be no longer used. All our products marked our new logo. If you found the same machines like ours on other websites and they are not been labeled our new logo, those are copies or fakes. Please don’t  buy the copies or fake machines, as they may not working or doesn’t has any warranties. 

3, Service and Support Email

Old email:  [email protected] (no longer used)

New email:  
General contact us:   contactus(at)
Customer service/support:   service(at)
Cooperation:  Lance(at)

If you have any questions, please email us to our new mailbox, we will respond you within 24 hours(except holidays). 

When you visiting on our website, if you find any bugs ( include links bugs, display bugs) please let us know, we will fix it as soon as possible. We hope the brand-new website could give you a better user experience. Thanks. 


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