How to choose and use engraving bits

1. Acrylic cutting process, V shape single blade acrylic cutter is recommended. Its characteristics are smokeless, tasteless, fast and efficient. If the machined surface needs a frosted effect, it is recommended to use a double-edged three-edge spiral milling cutter.

2. MDF cutting (advertising for mold opening). It is recommended to use a double-edged, large-displacement spiral milling cutter. It has two high-capacity flutes and a double-edged design. It not only has a good chip removal function, but also achieves Very good tool balance.

3. Aluminum plate cutting, single-edged aluminum milling cutter is recommended. No sticking during processing, high speed and high efficiency.

4. Precision small relief processing, it is recommended to use round bottom V shape bits.

5. Cork, MDF, original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, ball-end milling cutter is recommended.

6. The processing requires no burr cutting on the upper and lower surfaces. It is recommended to use single-blade, double-edged upper and lower cutting bits.

7. Metal engraving processing, it is recommended to use a metal flat bottom bits.

8. 3D engraving process using 3D carving bits.

9. High-density board, solid wood processing recommended single-blade wood special milling cutter.

10. For the processing of multilayer boards, straight slot cutters are recommended.