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"find no xhc ncusbpod" means the machine is disconnected to your computer. It is a common mistake and is usually caused by the user's computer. We all know that this is international transportation, so each machine has been carefully tested before packing.
If this error message appears, please follow the instructions below.

1, Not copied the DLL drive files.    Copy
2, Not direct connect to your computer.    Connect to computer directly.
3, Computer USB port output pulse unstable.    Change USB port to try.
4, Interference from other large software.     Stop running other software.
5, Interference from other external USB devices.     Remove other USB deivce.
6, USB cable problem.         Change a USB cable.
7, Computer problem.     Change a computer

Other important suggestions:
1, Prepare a computer and run only MACH3, which is used as a dedicated computer for the machine.
2, Please use a transformer to stabilize your voltage at 110v or 220v. Japan user please use 110V power.

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1. Acrylic cutting process, V shape single blade acrylic cutter is recommended. Its characteristics are smokeless, tasteless, fast and efficient. If the machined surface needs a frosted effect, it is recommended to use a double-edged three-edge spiral milling cutter.

2. MDF cutting (advertising for mold opening). It is recommended to use a double-edged, large-displacement spiral milling cutter. It has two high-capacity flutes and a double-edged design. It not only has a good chip removal function, but also achieves Very good tool balance.

3. Aluminum plate cutting, single-edged aluminum milling cutter is recommended. No sticking during processing, high speed and high efficiency.

4. Precision small relief processing, it is recommended to use round bottom V shape bits.

5. Cork, MDF, original wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, ball-end milling cutter is recommended.

6. The processing requires no burr cutting on the upper and lower surfaces. It is recommended to use single-blade, double-edged upper and lower cutting bits.

7. Metal engraving processing, it is recommended to use a metal flat bottom bits.

8. 3D engraving process using 3D carving bits.

9. High-density board, solid wood processing recommended single-blade wood special milling cutter.

10. For the processing of multilayer boards, straight slot cutters are recommended.

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6/28/2017 11:21 AM

1. Water cooled spindle

If your machine uses a water-cooled spindle, you should ensure to clean the water and the pump. The water cooled spindle must absolutely be used with water. The cooling water temperature should be < 35 degrees, it’s advised to check the water temperature during processing to prevent high temperature to lead to spindle overheating.

2. Keep clean

After each use of the machine, be sure to clean the dust on the platform and drive unit. Use compressed air to blow dust out of the control box (Do not use brushes or any other tools which could produce electrostatic electricity), check the screws of the wire plugs to ensure an optimal contact.

3. Lubrication weekly

Lubricate the rails and ball screws weekly with special grease for rails. If you do not have access to it in you local market, you can use high-speed bearing grease (lithium grease, white, suitable temperature: -20 °C ~ 120 °C).

4. Idling

If you plan on not using the machine for a long time, ensure to take dust and water proof precautions. Make the machine idle for at least half an hour per week to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

5. Flat & stable desk

The engraving machine must be placed on a solid and heavy desk, the desktop must be flat. we suggest placing a steel plate on the desk, uneven desktop will cause deformation of the machines underpan.

6. Loose trailing cables

Check the cable line of the drag chain at least one time per month, and loosen the tight cable line in time, so as to ensure that each line in the drag chain is loose. At the time of engraving, these cable lines need to do flexing operations repeatedly, so if the line is tight, it may easily lead to breaking of internal copper wires, thus causing poor contact. This may cause the electric motor to run out of control.

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About Spindle Motor Speed

9/22/2015 9:04 PM

Please pay attention to the Spindle Working Speed !
Engraving machine spindle motor may be clearly different than Milling machine spindle.

For engraving machine, the higher spindle speed, the greater cutting force. the lower speed, the smaller cutting force, if spindle speed is too low may be caused spindle stalled or VFD burned.

So, depending on the different materials, set spindle speed to 12,000 ~ 24,000 is most appropriate.
1) ABS/PVC/POM/Nylon and other plastic materials use about 16,000rpm.
2) 6061 aluminum and H59 brass use about 16000~20000rpm.
3) Acrylic use about 17,000~22,000rpm.
Different materials should be more testing.

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How to connect X6-2200L limit switch?

see below picture, plug the two wires arbitrarily to A&B pins of switch .

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For a water-cooled spindle, we need to use correct ways to maintain it.
1. The cooling water, you can choose either tap water or deionized water. Please add a little common antirust into water ( the kind used in water tank of cars is OK).

2. You need to ensure that the spindle runs normally, so that you must avoid the water-cooled spindle lacks water. During operation, please check the surface temperature of the spindle regularly to prevent from a hot spindle.

3. Please measure the temperature of the cooling water periodically, you’d better keep the cooling water within 30 degree centigrade. When the environment temperature is high ( in summer), please use a big-size water tank. When the temperature of the cooling water is rising, you can lower the temperature by adding more water.

4. If you use tap water, please change the water periodically ( change one time in a week)

5. When the temperature in winter is below 5 degree centigrade, please add some anti-freezing solution into the cooling water.

6. If you don’t use the machine for a long time, you must use compressed air to blow out the water in the spindle until there is no water in it.

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1. After you installed the batteries, the "battery signal light" of the handle will be on for about 2 seconds.
Then the light is off.

2. Insert the wireless USB receiver into the computer.
Open Mach software, press the “RESET”button of the handle.
At this time the first light on the leftmost  will be on. 

At this moment, if the “RESET” of the Mach3 has not blinked,you can use the handle.
If the the “RESET” of the Mach3 has blinking, press the “RESET”button of the handle once again.

3. Please check whether the “PlugIns” folder of your MACH installation directory has the “ShuttlePro.dll”file.

if you have no "shuttlepro.dll" file,  click here to download it. 

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