European buyers need to provide EORI, VAT,  Personal tax or passport number

According to the requirements of the European Union, from March-01-2023, all goods sent to the European Union(include Norway and Switzerland) must provide the recipient's EORI, VAT, Personal tax or passport number, which will be used for European Customs Clearance. We must provide it to DHL/Fedex when shipping via DHL/Fedex.

If you are a personal buyer, please provide your Personal Tax number or Passport number.
If you are a company/organization buyer, please provide your EORI and VAT number.
Please send us your EORI number after you place an order.If we cannot provide it to DHL/Fedex, we can not be able to arrange shipment.

Please write EORI, VAT, Personal tax or passport number in your shipping address when you placing order, or send it to us after you place an order via email.

Please note that your EORI, VAT, Personal tax or passport number will only be provided to DHL/Fedex They are only used for DHL/FEDEX agent customs clearance. If you have any questions about this, please consult your local DHL/FEDEX or customs.