2021 Chinese New Year Holiday

Notice about 2021 Chinese New Year holiday:

We have now stopped shipping, all orders have been sent from the factory, when the machines arrive at our freight forwarder, they will be arranged for DHL transportation. For customers who have placed orders in the past two days, we will send you  DHL tracking number by email before next Tuesday.

Stop shipping time: Jan 29th ~ Feb 20th
During this period, you can still place orders on our site. All orders during this period will be shipped in order after February 20th.

Holiday time: Feb 6th ~ Feb 20th
We will continue to work until February 6, after which we will leave for vacation.
During the holidays, we will not be able to reply to your email in time, we will check the email once within 72 hours. Some technical questions that need to be verified in the work laboratory may not be answered.

Finally, we wish all customers good health!

January 29, 2021