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X6M-USB CNC Desktop Engraving machine

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Standard comes with ER11-1500W water-cooling Spindle. choose 4-axis version will comes with H60-4th-axis.

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Regular Price: US$1,485.00

Special Price US$1,299.00

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  • Water pump (only for machine with water-cooling spindle).


All frame materials using 6061-T5 extruded aluminum profiles, higher density, higher strength. Each of materials are so consistent, effectively avoid the errors caused due to machining.used higher accuracy ball screw, it is worthwhile to pay a higher cost for accuracy.
Professional installation and fixation methods of the screw, and clasped type couplings


Use YOC335 high performance stepper drives Independently for each axis, high-speed power, and high Performance USB Motion controller for mach3 .

Various optional spindles

We offer a variety of spindle motor options for this model to meet your various mission needs.

Air-cooling or water-cooling?

Advantages and disadvantages of air-cooling spindle:
1, Easy to use.
2, When the air-cooling spindle work, it can cooling the cutting tool or metal workpiece (such as aluminum, copper), while blowingthe cutting debris, easy to observe the cutting of the workpiece.
3, It is not suitable for the workpiece which needs to sapray cutting fluid or water (such as steel, jade).

Advantages and disadvantages of water-cooling spindle:
1, Needs to works with water tanks and pumps.
2, Can not cooling cutting tool directly, but the bottom of spindle is completely sealed, so you can spray cutting fluid to cooling the cutting tool and workpiece.

Note: If you have a variety of needs, you can buy two kinds of spindle.

Dimensions and Machinable Material Size

Support for long materials machining segmented.The spindle fixed position can be adjusted up or down.


Equipment Specifications
Max. working stroke: (X)375×(Y)575×(Z)68mm
Acceptable material thickness: ≤95mm
Frame Material: 6061-T5 extruded aluminum alloy
Rail type: Chromeplate shaft+Linear Bearings
Screw Type: Ball screw,Diameter 16mm,screw thread pitch 5mm
Mechanical Resolution: XYZ-axis : 0.0025 mm/step
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Spindle Motor : Various frequency spindle, standard comes with water-cooling 1500W, 800W optional.
Revolution Speed: 6000~24000rpm/min
Collet type : ER11(standard equipped with3.175mm collet, If need other size collet, please see here.)
X/Y/Z Stepper Motor : Stepper Motor 57BYGH76-3A
X/Y/Z/(A) Stepper Drives: YOC335 High performance Digital stepping drive
Feed rate : 100~4000mm/min
Equipment Working Requirements
Computer Laptop or Desktop
Communication Interface: USB
Operation System Windows 7/10
Control Software MACH3 (recommend use the version we send.)
Command code G-code(file type: /.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt )
Power: 100V-120V or 220V-240V
Environment : Temp: 5°~40° C; Humidity: 35 to 80%
Equipment Dimensions and Weight
Equipment dimensions L870*W670*H520mm
Machine weight: Start from 56kg to 61kg
Packages: 2 box, 620*450*420mm & 820*180*600mm


1.Packed with 1 box.
2. Accessory box include: clamps , cutting tools for testing, spindle wrenches, etc.
3. Water pump is free, only for water-cooling option, not in warranty.

WORK WITH H60 4TH-AXIS (for 4-axis version)