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OMIO CNC X4-800EPL CNC Router | Desktop Engraving Machine


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Standard come with OMIO-EPL-4F Offline Control System, HG15/20 Linear Guide Rails(for XYZ axis), X054 Stepper Drives, Limit Switches, ER11-800W Air-cooled Spindle, H60 4th-axis optional.

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Equipment Specifications
Max. working stroke: (X)270×(Y)390×(Z)100mm
Acceptable material thickness: ≤105mm
Frame Material: 6061-T5 extruded aluminum alloy
Rail type: (XZ)HG15 Linear Guideway, (Y)HG20 Linear Guideway
Screw Type: Ball screw, diameter 16mm,screw thread pitch 5mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Spindle Motor: Powerful brushless frequency spindle, ER11/800W 4bearings air-cooled
Revolution Speed: 6000~24000rpm/min
Collet type: ER11 (equipped with 6mm collet)
X/Y/Z Stepper Motor: Stepper Motor 57BYGH64-2.8A
X/Y/Z/A Stepper Drives: X054 High performance Digital Stepper Drives
Feed rate: 100~4000mm/min
Control System: OMIO-EPL-4F CNC system
Acceptable Command code: : G-code (file type: /.nc/.ncc/.tap/.txt)
Power: 100V-120V or 220V-240V
Environment: Temp: 5°~40° C; Humidity: 35 to 80%
Equipment Dimensions and Weight
Equipment dimensions: L690 × W545 × H560mm
Machine weight: 46kg
Package dimension: 1 box (680x550x550mm)
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