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500mW (405nm) blue violet Laser Module


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500mW (405nm) blue violet Laser Module
The core component: Osram
Wavelength: 405NM
Output power: 500mW
Power supply voltage: 5V
Working current: 600mA
The spot mode: point
The output wave: visible light
Product material: aviation aluminum
The optical part: focusing lens
Lens material: PVC focusing mirror
Working temperature: -40~75 degrees Celsius
Working medium: Semiconductor
Work life: 8000 hours (with greater heat dissipation device)
Dimension: diameter 33*55MM
DC Cable length: 1.2M
Structure characteristics: aluminum alloy shell + imports of laser diode + constant current drive plate
Weight: 0.4kg(including packaging)
Suitable materials: wood, bamboo, plastic (part), certain cortical, paper, all kinds of bank cards, discount cards (non-metallic), rubber stamp.
Unsuitable material: gold and silver copper, iron, aluminum, steel (where metal regardless of the thickness), shellfish, ceramic, stone, reflective material, transparent material, part of the white material.

The power of the laser module output is relatively large, illuminated the eyes no testing, it is strictly prohibited to use by children (must be special protective glasses)
1 forbidden in natural gas use objects and places to avoid fire and explosion.
2 prohibited for children to play.
3 do not open the module so as to avoid damage. Work for a long time, such as the feeling ofthe head a little fever, please stop cooling after work。.
4.If you disassemble the laser device or use of non-rated power supply leads to the laser device burned, it will void the warranty.

Note: we do not provide a higher power laser module. A lot of the same size but labeled higher power laser module is false propaganda, it greatly reducing the life and It's a great security risk.