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X3-300-USB CNC Desktop Engraver


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Standard come with 300W Toroidal power, YOC442 Stepping Drives, USB Motion Control Card, Limit Switches, Wireless Control Handle, ER11-300W air-cooled Spindle, 1204 Ball Screws.

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  • Water pump (only for machine with water-cooled spondle).
Classic entry-level small CNC engraving machine upgraded !
X3-300 is the perfect small machine which is fits any office, lab, and classroom space. It is provides a low-cost alternative for product engineers and designers , and it was loved by the majority of hobbyists because of its good accuracy and mechanical stability. The new version X3-300, although has a compact body, but equipped a more powerful spindle and 3-axes separate stepper drives, Additionally, USB communication function can let you to use a laptop computer to control the machine now.

◎ 300W DC spindle
◎ USB2.0 interface, support laptop computer..
◎ Spindle supports replaceable carbon brushes.
◎ Spindle supports switching control (manual or software control).
◎ Use precision ball screw.
◎ newly designed high performance stepper drives, Independently for each axis, high-speed power.
◎ Supports scalable 4th-axis at any time.
Machinable Material Type
X3-300 applicable to processing bamboo, wood, MDF, all kinds of plastic (such as ABS, nylon, PVC, POM, rubber, etc.), advertising material (such as acrylic, color plates, aluminum plates, Chevron board), bakelite plate, fiberglass plate, carbon fiber plate, it's can also be used to cutting the aluminum plates and copper plates(thickness <2mm), and to engraving graphics on surface.
Double color plate
Acrylic plate
Insulation board
Carbon fiber plate
Thin Copper plate
Thin Aluminum Alloy
High density board
Dimensions and Machinable Material Size

◎ Support for long materials machining segmented.

◎ The spindle fixed position can be adjusted up or down.

Six Features
More Powerful Cutting Force
Wireless control handle,
easy and convenient to use
USB Motion Control Card
All equipped with 1204 Ball Screws
Pitch 4mm, more accurate positioning
travel limit protection
YOC442 newly designed high performance stepper drives
Independently for each axis, high-speed power
Upgrade to 300W DC spindle

◎ Provide a more stronger cutting power.
◎ Replaceable motor carbon brushes and improve the life of the spindle.
◎ Come with 3.175mm high precision collet (1/8 inch).
Mature and Perfect Mechanical Structure
For seven years, we continue to improve the mechanical structure, thereby created a generation classic models in personal CNC field.
Now, although there are growing number of imitators, but we firmly believe that Classic will continue, because we made it really diligently. For your benefit, please buy genuine products.
◎ All frame materials using our proprietary extrusion mold, 6061-T5 extruded aluminum profiles, higher density, higher strength.
◎ Each of materials are so consistent, effectively avoid the errors caused due to machining.
◎ Using higher accuracy ball screw, it is worthwhile to pay a higher cost for accuracy;
◎ Professional installation and fixation methods of the screw, and clasped type couplings ;
◎ Beautiful shape, it is not just an effective tool, it is your capable assistant.
Performance Parameters
Equipment Specifications
Max. working stroke: (X)290×(Y)390×(Z)57mm
Acceptable material thickness: ≤82mm
Frame Material: 6061-T5 extruded aluminum alloy
Rail type: Chromeplate shaft+Linear Bearings
Screw Type: Ball screw,Diameter 12mm,screw thread pitch 4mm
Mechanical Resolution: XYZ-axis : 0.0025 mm/step
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Spindle Motor : DC spindle,300W
Revolution Speed: 5000~11000rpm/min
Collet type : ER11(equipped with 3.175mm collet)
X/Y/Z Stepper Motor : Stepper Motor 57BYGH41-1.8A
X/Y/Z/A Stepper Drives: YOC-442A high performance drive for independence
Feed rate : 300~5000mm/min
Equipment Working Requirements
Computer Laptop or Desktop
Communication Interface: USB2.0 (doesn’t support USB3.0)
Operation System Win200XP, Win7(64/32bit) (Prohibit the installation of any other software except Mach3.)
Control Software MACH3 (recommend use the version which we send to .)
Command code: G-code(file type: /.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt )
Power: 100V-120V or 220V-240V
Environment : Temp: 5°~40° C; Humidity: 35 to 80%
Equipment Dimensions and Weight
Equipment dimensions: L620*W490*H410mm (24.4 * 19.3 * 16.1 inches)
Machine weight: 28kg (62 lbs) ,include package box.
Package dimension : 1 box, 600*460*370mm
Standard Package list
◎ X3-300 packaged with one box.
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